About Our Services

Practice limited to spine, (including wellness, maintenance, corective or acute care for home, auto, work and sport injuries, as well as treatment for migraine and tension headaches, other stress related disorders, and fibromyalgia and other specific musculoskeletal disorders), nerve, and extremity joint (including such common problems as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, hand, foot and knee joint problems) care.

Diagnostic procedures in addition to physical examination may include state-of-the-art digital x-ray, PulStar computer assisted compliance analysis (measures stiffness between vertebrae), algometry (measures muscle tenderness), digital muscle resistance testing (measures muscle strength), and the use of functional questionnaires that measure activities of daily living disability.

Dr. Leach primarily uses Diversified chiropractic manipulative technique. For patients who need a lighter treatment, including children, persons with osteoporosis including the elderly and disabled, and others after moderate to severe trauma, “gentle” procedures are available, including mobilization such as the newer state-of-the-art PulStar computer assisted adjustments.

Our doctor’s academic background assures that he is well versed in research and use of the most valid chiropractic procedures, including a number of other chiropractic techniques.

About Our Staff

OUR DOCTOR:  Dr. Robert A. Leach has been in private practice in Starkville since 1979. In addition to maintaining a highly successful practice, he has written 4 textbooks, and has authored over 30 professional papers and presentations. His work earned him one of the highest honors in chiropractic as early as 1981, when he was named a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors. He was honored by his peers in Mississippi with a research award in 1985, “Clinician of the Year” award in 1992, and the “Pioneer Award” in 1995, “for dedicating a lifetime to pioneering and preserving chiropractic in Mississippi.” In 2006 he earned a Master of Science degree in Health Education from the Mississippi University for Women. He is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). His research and work in health education led to his being honored as “Health Educator of the Year” by the Mississippi Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. He serves on multiple committees, delphi panels and advisory boards focusing on research, public health, health education, and wellness both for the Mississippi Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association, and at Mississippi State University, where he also serves as adjunct faculty since 2019. He currently represents Mississippi in the ACA House of Delegates. His research may be accessed online at the National Library of Medicine.

OUR INSURANCE CLERK:  Cathy Fulgham brings to the office 6 years’ experience in reception work prior to joining our staff in July 1994. She is highly skilled at insurance processing and billing, and serves in other aspects of patient care including therapy and x-ray (she has been a certified chiropractic assistant as well as a certified chiropractic radiologic technologist since 1997).

 OUR RECEPTIONIST: Amber Dalton joined our staff in March of 2006 and has experience working with the public in a variety of business settings. She assists patients with billing and insurance questions and issues, helps with therapy, and assists the doctor while he works with patients.

OUR MASSAGE THERAPIST: Robbie Leach was graduated from Blue Cliff College in 2012 with a degree in Massage Therapy, and provides excellent massage therapy and exercise services by appointment and on a walk-in basis when available. His interests are not limited to but include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. He also serves athletes in multiple sports at Mississippi State University, when not caring for patients at our office.

OUR INTERNS: You will notice young, fresh faces in our office almost every semester and these are our kinesiology and exercise science as well as health and wellness interns, attending Mississippi State University. They are available to help with, among other things, exercise instruction and questions.

Our Pledge To You

Our Pledge to You At Leach Chiropractic we are conservative spine care specialists with a heart for our patients, and a passion for best care practices. We PRACTICE using a scientific evidence-informed, and patient-outcomes-focused procedures to obtain the best possible results, or referrals when other care is indicated. We LOVE what we do and are honored to care for every patient we serve, treating every patient with the same dignity and respect we ourselves would want to receive. We RECOMMEND only the care that our patients truly need, nothing more or less than we provide to our own families and friends. We SERVE our Lord Jesus who God sent for our redemption; our purpose is to share His love, and will share our testimony if asked.