About Our Services

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic offering patient-centered and evidence-informed conservative care for musculoskeletal problems to a diverse population in Starkville, Mississippi. Our practice is limited to spine, nerve, muscle, joint, and wellness care.

We use diagnostic procedures and primarily diversified chiropractic manipulative techniques and therapy, that includes sport as well as myofascial release procedures and stretching. For patients who need a lighter treatment, including children, persons with osteoporosis including the elderly and disabled, and others after moderate to severe trauma, “gentle” procedures are available, including mobilization such as the newer state-of-the-art PulStar computer assisted adjustments.

  • We offer evidence-informed care for:
  • Maintenance
  • Correction
  • Acute injuries at home, work, in auto, or from playing sports.
  • Headaches including migraine and tension
  • Stress related disorders such as Fibromyalgia
  • Extremity joint problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder,
    hand, foot and knee joint problems.

We check to make sure you are a good candidate for chiropractic care using state of the art diagnostic procedures when necessary, that may include:

  • Digital x-ray
  • PulStar computer assisted compliance analysis (measures stiffness between vertebrae)
  • Algometry (measures muscle tenderness)
  • Digital muscle resistance testing (measures muscle strength)
  • Surface electromyography interfaced with dual inclinometry (measures muscle activity
    and joint range of motion at the same time)
  • Functional questionnaires that measure activities of daily living disability.