Our Support Staff

OUR INSURANCE CLERK: Cathy Fulgham brings to the office 6 years’ experience in reception work prior to joining our staff in July 1994. She is highly skilled at insurance processing and billing, and serves in other aspects of patient care including therapy.

OUR RECEPTIONIST: Amber Dalton joined our staff in March of 2006 and has experience working with the public in a variety of business settings after obtaining a vocational school degree. In addition to scheduling patient appointments she assists with payment arrangements, billing, insurance questions and issues, and assists the doctor with therapy.

OUR THERAPY ASSISTANT: Alyssa McGee joined our staff in the spring of 2022 and assists the doctors with therapy services and electronic health records. She received her undergraduate degree in educational psychology at Mississippi State University.

OUR INTERNS: You will notice young, fresh faces in our office almost every semester and these are our kinesiology, wellness and food science interns attending MSU. They are available to help with, among other things, exercise instruction and questions.